The Benefits Of On-Site Oil Reclamation For Industrial Facilities

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The Benefits Of On-Site Oil Reclamation For Industrial Facilities

If you run an industrial facility that uses a substantial amount of oil as part of its daily operations, then you're responsible for ensuring that the used oil is disposed of in an ecologically safe and efficient manner.

Used oil, whether it comes from engines, gearboxes, transformers, or turbines, contains different kinds of contaminants that reduce their performance and render them unsuitable for their initial application. While the easiest and perhaps least expensive way to dispose of the oil is via a waste removal company, you should consider using an onsite oil reclamation service instead. 

There are many great reasons to reclaim onsite oil. Here are a few critical ones you should know about.

Onsite Oil Reclamation Conserves Oil

Industrial oils such as engine oil, transmission oil, and turbine oil have economic value that gets lost when the oils are recycled and used for other purposes instead of being reclaimed.

Oil reclamation aims at returning used oil to its pre-use condition by cleaning it and removing the impurities it harbors. The end result is the recovery of a precious economic resource — oil. This leads to cost savings on oil purchases as the reclaimed oil can perform just as well as fresh oil.

Onsite Oil Reclamation Minimizes Downtime At Industrial Facilities

Onsite oil reclamation means that used oil can be treated and returned to service often without halting ongoing operations. As a result, the time that would have been spent changing old oil can instead be used to meet daily production targets. This helps you make the most of every working hour.

Onsite Oil Reclamation Cuts Waste Disposal Costs

When you opt for onsite oil reclamation, you don't have to ask a waste disposal company to come to your facility to collect your used oil and haul it away.

Your service provider will simply treat the oil without removing it from the premises. This not only lowers waste disposal expenses, it also minimizes the potential for cross-contamination and environmental pollution.

Since reclaiming onsite oil requires a significant amount of time, effort, and resources to implement, you may be understandably hesitant to commit to it. But as you've just learned from the above discussion, the associated benefits of reclaiming oil onsite justify the time, effort, and money spent implementing it. If you're ready to jump on the oil reclamation bandwagon, get in touch with an onsite oil reclamation service provider near you to get started.

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